Ria Elciario





Ria Elciario, Founder & CD of She's Got Wonder

“Meet Ria - The beautiful mind behind She's Got Wonder; a creative community and platform dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the work of young womxn, genderqueer, gender non-conforming artists. SGW is a space for emerging artists to collaborate, get inspired, and feel empowered.” — Pradegal


Episode 16: Making An Accessible Space in the Art World with Ria Elciario

“Our first guest is Ria Elciario, founder of the online platform She’s Got Wonder where creatives have a chance to display their work in a landscape that is often hard to enter. Ria was inspired by her own experience and struggles getting her work seen, to give voice to those talented individuals that found the barriers to display their work intimidating and impossible. The name was inspired by the David Bowie song She’s Got Medals and the rest is history.” — Framed With Love Podcast